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Let's barter!

In my never-ending quest to make the SandBox the most interesting and aesthetically-pleasing place to stay on South Padre Island, I am constantly on the lookout for creative, talented people who need a cheap vacation. If you don't mind putting a bit of time into creating something totally unique to leave behind, I might be interested in giving you and your family/friends a seriously awesome beachhouse experience for a seriously awesome discount.

How about a 10-20% discount off the posted rates? I try to take the SandBox out of the rental market for a couple of days every other month or so for routine maintenance, bug check, deeper cleaning, etc. If you don't mind me bustling around up there while you are on the beach or whatever (only when you are off-premise), I can offer you a discount - so please mention this when you email me. (My counter-offer will depend on how badly i need to spend time up there.)

Looking for a more substantial break on the rent?

Here are some samples of big projects in which I would like to collaborate with someone who knows what they are doing. I prefer to tackle these kinds of projects off season (fall through early spring, excluding holidays and special events - when I don't expect to make a lot off rent anyway but the weather is nearly always perfect.)

So. Here - in particular order - they are. Let me know if any of them intrigue you.

1. A custom wall-mounted entertainment center to hold TV, iPod speaker system, books, etc.

2. Creative installation of corrugated tin to augment worn-out wood siding

3. Waterproofing of some leaky storage sheds

4. Evaluation and upgrade of my current storm shutter situation. I am looking for creative solutions to moving plywood over windows fast when storms threaten.

Who Was "Dad Feets"?

Don "Dad Feets" Wierenga More than anyone else, encouraged and aided me in taking the SandBox Inn from dream to reality back in 2005. He built the annex pretty much single-handedly and left his mark in most every nook and cranny of the building.

He loved doing projects and his mind was always working to come up with creative and elegant solutions to the challenges posed by living in a fairly toxic environment. (Rust Never Sleeps - in fact it never takes so much as a catnap - on South Padre Island.)

Dad passed away 4/20/09 -- and while I still miss him terribly, I also feel his cheerful presence here at the SandBox. In the coffee table he made from a slab of mesquite. In the terraced and winding brick path that leads to the stairs; the concrete slab enshrining the footprints of my nephews' tiny feet. In the saplings we planted together that are now weathered yet sturdy trees. In the tiny stone "bird castles" that I am trying to preserve from the merciless sunshine...
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